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  • Do the songs mix together or is there a break between songs?
    You’re the DJ - you decide. Both options are available when creating your mixes. You will see Mix (continuous transition) or 1 sec gap or 2 sec gap.
  • What if I need royalty-free music for digital videos?
    Our Studio Toolbox membership gives you unlimited access to royalty-free music and the licensing required to use the music for video. The Studio Toolbox allows you to download music from the Muscle Mix website and is separate from our Vibes Music App. Email or click HERE for more information.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership?
    No problem. With your monthly membership, simply email us (, and we will put your subscription on hold, and you can rejoin at any time you’d like.
  • Will I lose all of my mixes from the Muscle Mix Now App when I make the transition?
    Nope, all of your mixes will carry over to the new app and will show up in the “My Library” tab.
  • Where can I download the app?
    Apple App Store Here Google Play Stores here
  • Where can I use the music on the Vibes Music app?
    We are excited about our recent agreement with the Universal Music Group so it’s important we honor rights holder’s licensing guidelines. Therefore, music usage is limited to live, in-person classes only within the USA and Canada. Feel free to speak to our team to help you with any “Digital” uses including Live-streaming, Video OnDemand or Social Media.
  • Can I download the music?
    The Vibes app is a streaming service and all of the music will remain in the app. You may “download” the music temporarily, as you do with other digital service providers, within the app in order to play the music without WIFI. Your mixes will be stored under My Library.
  • Can I create my own custom mixes with the app?
    Yes, you can create your own mixes using songs from any Genre or by Browsing for specific songs or artists.
  • What country is Vibes Music app available in?
    Currently just USA and Canada
  • Can I use the music app on my computer?
    Currently, the app works on mobile devices like iPhone iOS mobile devices, iPads, Apple watches, Android mobile devices, and tablets. However on some Apple desktop computers, Apple has a great solution where you can play the app through the desktop. Click here for more.
  • Do I still need public performance licenses (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) if I use the music?
    Yes, gyms and studios will still need to acquire public performance licenses required by their country. If you are an instructor who teaches at a gym, it is the gym’s responsibility to obtain these licenses, not yours.
  • Does the Vibes Music app replace the Muscle Mix Now App?
    Yes! The Muscle Mix Now App will be replaced by the Vibes Music App.
  • Are there system requirements to use the app?
    The Vibes Music App requires OS on Apple devices of iOS13 or higher and Android devices Oreo8.0.0
  • Need more help?
    Visit our Help Desk for more FAQs here
  • Can I change the BPM of songs?
    Yes, you can change the BPM of any song or premixed album by simply selecting the Edit feature and using the plus (+) or (-) keys.
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